The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed recently. Recent market research shows that 64 % of people in Europe listen to Podcasts.1 Compared to videos, podcasts have the following advantages:

  • While videos require a high level of attention from users, podcasts can be listened to at the same time as performing other activities, e.g., on the way to work.
  • Podcasts can be listened to almost everywhere – even offline.
  • Podcasts are often listened to in private situations, which brings you very close to your target group.
  • Podcast increase your visibility in the target group and thus contribute to establishing you as an opinion leader in the indication area.

As a pharmaceutical or medical technology company, you can benefit from these advantages with your own company podcast tailored to medical doctors or other healthcare professionals. We take care of the complete conception and production of your podcasts, including topic identification, branding, moderation, post-production and promotion to your target group.

1 https://www.ypulse.com/article/2022/01/18/how-popular-are-podcasts-in-western-europe-these-3-stats-tell-the-story/

Our services:

  • We listen: We understand your marketing strategy goals and design your podcast around your indication and product.
  • You are up to your ears in work? We take care of the complete branding, planning, production and – if desired – also the hosting and CME certification.
  • Amplified: We promote your podcast to your target group.
  • A feast for the ears: We have the latest studio technology and professional recording equipment for your podcast.