Medical Graphics for Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Devices

We are the experts for attractive media that convince physicians and patients. With medical and creative expertise, we illustrate complicated contents and make product advantages comprehensible. For all our creativity, precision is just as important to us – so that your materials get through the clearing process quickly.

Medical Infographics

Whether for slide decks, publications or sales folders: With a well-designed infographic, product advantages can be better explained. With a deep understanding of the science behind your product, we visualize the modeof action and the study results for the specific needs of your target group. Medical infographics are also very suitable for virally disseminating information in social media.

Our Services:

  • Painting instead of numbers: Attractive visualizations of statistical data and study results
  • Understanding the effect: Our mode of action presentations
  • With a sense for detail: Presentation of complex processes, e.g. patient journeys
Beispiel medizinische Infografik

Medical Illustrations

No other form of visual representation in medical communication is as artistically sophisticated and aesthetic as illustration. The big advantage: Unlike photos, illustrations can highlight and simplify certain aspects. Whether print or web: Illustrations can significantly enhance your medical communication.

Beispiel medizinische Illustration

Our Services:

  • Vivid and aesthetic: Illustrations on pharmacological topics
  • Focus on technology: Illustrations on the use of medical technology
  • Recognizing structures: Anatomical illustrations
  • Class for the masses: Popular science illustrations

Medical animations

Complex medical contexts are best understood in the form of moving images. We animate static content, make microscopic items visible and pay attention to timing and dramaturgy so that the tension is not neglected. From simple PowerPoint animations in 2D to elaborate 3D animations and animated videos with sound, we master the entire spectrum.

Our Services:

  • Always on the move: Medical animations in 2D or 3D
  • Easy to understand: Medical animation videos and explanatory films
  • Complete: Comprehensive range of services from storyboard to dubbing
Beispiel medizinische Animation