co.medical Toolbox

Our medical communication toolbox

Digitalization has changed the information needs and information behavior of physicians and other medical professionals. The basic questions, however, have remained the same: How do you, as a pharmaceutical or medical device company, effectively engage with physicians? How do you get your messages across to physicians? We have the answers to these questions. Benefit from our experience in medical communications acquired over decades and get advice on which communication approach best serves your specific communications goal. Thanks to our medical communication toolbox, we can select the right tools for you to achieve your communication goals.

The co.medical L(a)unchbox

For launching your new product, our co.medical toolbox becomes your personal l(a)unchbox, providing you with all the necessary ingredients you require for a complete launch support. With our solutions for medical affairs and marketing, we leverage synergies and ensure a smooth and fast launch with messages catering to the taste of your target group.

Our Services:

  • With foresight and expertise: Strategic consulting across the entire medical communications spectrum
  • Universal: Whether medically correct or promotional creative, the co.medical toolbox contains the right tools for your communication goals
  • Synergistic: For the launch of your new product, the co.medical toolbox becomes the co.medical l(a)unchbox with all the ingredients you need for complete launch support