Patient Journey – Insights for your communication strategy

Client situation

Our client – a research-based pharmaceutical company – planned to reorganize its communication strategy. In order to better understand the interactions between physicians, patients and their own company and to generate new insights, co.medical was commissioned to develop a Patient Journey.

Our solution

We analyzed the journey of patients through the healthcare system in detail through interviews with patients, physicians and company employees as well as by reviewing the related literature and depicted the journey graphically. In doing so, we integrated medical needs and important motives for action of the players and stakeholders involved. Together with our client, physicians and patients, we validated the Patient Journey in a workshop. In the Patient Journey, the most important touchpoints could be identified at a glance and existing data gaps also became visible. Finally, co.medical developed a strategy paper to show how the touchpoints can be accessed efficiently and effectively and how relevant data gaps can be closed.

Client benefits

Thanks to our Patient Journey, it was possible to identify at a glance where relevant touchpoints exist between doctors, patients and the client company during the course of a disease. This made it possible to develop new starting points for the communication strategy and to derive measures for marketing and medical affairs.