Identify opportunities for label extensions

Client situation

Our client – a research-based pharmaceutical company – was in a strategic exploratory phase to evaluate the potential of new application areas for one of its products.

Our solution

We provided comprehensive support for our client, from initial strategic analyses to regulatory documents. First, we undertook systematic literature searches, analysis of published evidence, and preparation and execution of advisory board meetings with leading opinion leaders. Based on the insights gained in this way, we created a sound medical decision-making basis for the strategic direction. We then undertook the preparation of the necessary regulatory documents for the label extension on behalf of our client and developed a communication strategy to create awareness among experts for the new indication area.

Client benefits

Thanks to our extensive medical expertise and deep understanding of strategical pharmamarketing, we were able to discuss strategic implications of the label extension at eye level with our client and provide new impetus. In addition, by bundling the various tasks in one hand, synergies were created, and the project could be implemented highly efficiently.