Convince with the highest level of evidence

Client situation

Our client, a manufacturer of innovative medical devices, faced the challenge that its product for avoiding complications in certain gynecological surgeries was insufficiently used compared to other methods, despite good evidence.

Our solution

We proposed to work with renowned opinion leaders to produce a systematic review paper on the prevention of complications in this type of gynecologic surgery. We developed the search strategy for our client and defined the PICOS criteria. We then conducted the systematic literature search in two medical literature databases and identified the relevant studies. After extracting all predefined data, we prepared the manuscript in close collaboration with our client and clinical experts according to the target journal specifications.

Client benefits

The publication is the first systematic review article on this topic and thus for the first time provides readers with a comprehensive overview of all available methods for complication prevention and the results obtained with them. This allowed the value of the client's product to be clearly differentiated from the alternative methods in an evidence-based manner, and our client positioned itself as a leader regarding complication prevention in the therapeutic area with this publication.

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