Medical Writing

Regardless of the context for which you require a medical text, the facts and arguments have to be convincing, and this is where we come in. Specialized medical knowledge combined with linguistic competence and a perfect grasp of communication goals are the essence of the quality of our work. Additionally, they are the foundation of our versatility as copywriters for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

In the co.medical team there are experienced experts for almost every indication to ensure our texts satisfy the most demanding requirements. co.medical is a member of the European Medical Writer Association (EMWA) and regularly publishes articles in the journal »Medical Writing«.

Our promise

Even when the work on a study or a vital piece of communication proves problematic, we convey argumentation that is both medically sound and convincing. With our extensive project experience and expertise in a wide range of indications, we deliver high-quality, accurate, precise, publication-ready texts on schedule both in German and, with the help of our native speakers, in English as well. To complete the package, we also offer professional medical writing seminars for companies and individuals who prefer to produce their own texts.

Our services comprise:

  • Original medical papers
  • Reviews
  • Texts for product brochures, folders, mailing and websites
  • Benefit assessments in accordance with AMNOG, value dossiers, HTAs
  • Regulatory documents, CTD modules
  • Texts for patient communication, patient newsletters
  • Conference reporting, press texts
  • Medical content, medical journalism
  • Texts for medical/scientific presentations
  • Minute taking of advisory board meetings
  • Translations of medical texts

How to get published quickly in 7 steps

1. Briefing and offer

You provide us with detailed information about your writing project: Which strategic objective are you aiming for with this publication? What will the starting material be (e.g. study report)? How many authors are involved? What is the target journal? Do you want figures in order to increase the value of your publication? Based on the briefing, you will receive a detailed and non-binding offer.

2. Outline

Based on the briefing drawn up from the start of the project, we create a detailed outline to let you know what content and arguments are planned. For the final go-ahead, a conference call with all involved parties or even a personal meeting at some point during a conference or advisory board meeting can be useful.

3. Draft

After the outline has been finalized, we write up the first draft. The time required for this varies depending on what the project entails. A good rule of thumb for an average publication is 30-50 working hours.

4. Correction loops

In order to save time, the corresponding author should make the first corrections and then further corrections should be made in succession at the other authors’ requests. This prevents contradictory correction requests and also prevents several manuscript versions circulating at once. Lastly, we precisely incorporate all the corrections into the next draft.

5. Submission

Usually the submission is made by the corresponding author. Many journals and publishers now insist on legally binding declerations by the corresponding authors regarding assignment of rights to the publisher, acceptance of publication fees, etc. Therefore it saves time if the corresponding author performs this task instead of us.

6. Peer Review

With a lot of experience and diplomatic skill, we will also gladly assist you in addressing the reviewer comments. Even »major revisions« can often be defused through clever reasoning. After sending the revisions to us, we will advise you on how to proceed.

7. Use for your marketing

Do not trust that your customers will read the publication of their own accord. Order off-prints for your sales force. Attractively designed pamphlets to give to your customers are a nice touch. For these, we extract the key results of the publication. With a catchy design, your publication will be gladly accepted.

List of current medical writing projects


  • Breast cancer: Benefit assessment and HTA for intraoperative radiotherapy
  • Breast cancer: Brochures and product monographs on intraoperative radiotherapy
  • Breast cancer: Congress reports from AGO
  • Breast cancer: Medical paper of a phase II study for an international journal
  • Breast cancer: Scientific poster presenting real-world data of patients with breast cancer and bone metastases
  • Colorectal cancer: Review for the management of side effects for an international oncology journal
  • Colorectal cancer: Review of the optimal therapy sequence for an international oncology journal
  • Geriatric oncology: Congress reports and press releases
  • Lung cancer: Drug report for non-small cell lung cancer
  • Lung cancer: Literature research and literature selection for a meta-analysis
  • Lung cancer: Palliative therapy case reports
  • Malignant melanoma: Text for a benefit dossier
  • Oncology literature service: Summary of new literature for scientific external services
  • Oncology pharmacology: Text about the history of chemotherapy
  • Pancreatic cancer: Medical paper for a phase III study for an international oncology journal
  • Pancreatic cancer: Publication of a non-interventional study for a German journal
  • Pancreatic cancer: Review of new treatment strategies for an international journal
  • Pancreatic cancer: Textbook articles
  • Pancreatic cancer: Translation of a pocket book into English for specialists
  • Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of hematopoietic growth factors
  • Prostate cancer: Case report for a German journal
  • Prostate cancer: Review of ADT for a German journal
  • Prostate cancer: Study using real-world data for a German journal
  • Prostate cancer: Two review articles on cardiovascular risk under ADT for two German journals
  • Renal cell carcinoma: Case reports for »Targeted Therapy«
  • Renal cell carcinoma: Monograph for treatment sequence
  • Renal cell carcinoma: Preparation of a review about treatment sequence for an international oncology journal
  • Supportive therapy in oncology: Congress reports from EAHP in Milan
  • Supportive therapy in oncology: Pharmacoeconomic review on biosimilars
  • Supportive therapy in oncology: Product monograph, folder text, and study reviews for filgrastim
  • Supportive therapy in oncology: Text about antiemetics for sales force training
  • Urothelial carcinoma: Poster text and translations
  • Urothelial carcinoma: Case studies for a German journal


  • Multiple myeloma: Presentation text for sales force training
  • Multiple myeloma: Text for a benefit dossier
  • Multiple myeloma: Web content for specialists
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome: Creation of a website for patient education

Neurology / CNS / Pain

  • Alzheimer’s disease: Brochure text about an innovative method to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease: Text for mailings about an Alzheimer’s disease medication
  • Depression: Concept and text for a training video for physicians
  • Localized treatment for rheumatic pain: Text for a product monograph
  • Localized treatment for rheumatic pain: Web content for patient communication
  • Multiple sclerosis: Brochures about diagnostic methods
  • Multiple sclerosis: Congress reports about interferon therapy
  • Multiple sclerosis: Product monographs and study summaries for interferon therapy
  • Neuroendocrine tumors: Folder text and mailing texts
  • Pain therapy: Literature search and selection of abstracts about COX-2 inhibitors
  • Pain therapy: Literature search performed quarterly and publication in a newsletter of the most important new publications
  • Parkinson’s disease: Text for mail-outs

Rheumatology / Immunology

  • Biologics in rheumatic therapy: Web text for patients and specialists
  • Cortisone therapy: Text for a product monograph for an innovative cortisone preparation
  • HIV: Text for a medical journal about antiretroviral therapy
  • Immunotherapy: White paper about an immunomodulator
  • Infection prophylaxis with filgrastim: Product monograph, folder text, and study summaries
  • Medical paper: Cost-benefit analysis for sublingual therapy for an international journal
  • Medical paper: Cost-minimization analysis for sublingual immunotherapy
  • Medical paper: Retrospective study of the cost-effectiveness of various anti-inflammatory drugs for an international journal
  • Pneumococcal infection: Text for CME modules about a pneumococcal vaccine
  • Press releases about a biologic
  • Web text for rheumatology societies


  • Diabetes: Cooperation in the creation of a dossier
  • Diabetes: Review of an oral antidiabetic drug for a German journal
  • Thyroid: Brochures for patient communication for iodine substitution
  • Thyroid: Web content for a thyroid gland portal for specialists


  • Apthae treatment: Brochures and web content for patient communication, mail-out text, text for sales force materials
  • Congress reports on treatment for acne vulgaris
  • MRI contrast medium: Preparation of a publication for a non-interventional study for a German journal
  • Optical imaging: Preparation of a pharmacoeconomic publication for the diagnosis of bladder cancer for a German journal
  • Psoriasis: Press releases about treatment with biologics


  • Molecular imaging: Brochures, press releases
  • MRT contrast media: Brochures, poster text, web content, patient communication, congress reports, text for training sales force, case reports
  • X-ray contrast media: Brochures, poster text, web content, patient communication, congress reports, text for training sales force, case reports

Various indications

  • Dentistry: Poster texts and congress reports about dental implants
  • Dentistry: Patient brochure for dental implants
  • Endoprosthetics: Brochures for specialists
  • Hernia surgery and mesh implants: Brochure text for patient communication
  • Infectious diseases: Review about antibody treatment of sepsis
  • Nephrology: Newsletter about atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome
  • Nuclear medicine: Text for measurement communication and brochures
  • Osteoporosis: Press releases about therapy with bisphosphonates
  • Palliative medicine: copywriting for a consensus paper on stoma care
  • Palliative medicine: translation of German texts about stoma care into English
  • Pulmonology: Web text for patients and specialists on the diagnosis and treatment of lung fibrosis
  • Supportive therapy in oncology: Publication of a non-interventional study about neutropenia prophylaxis with G-CSF in an international journal
  • Ulcerative colitis: Medical paper on K(d)PT for an international journal

Selection of medical papers with participation of co.medical

  • Kucharzik T, Lemmnitz G, Abels C et al. Tripeptide K(D)PT is well tolerated in mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis: results from a randomized multicenter study. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 2017; 23(2):261-271
  • Schmidt T, Brumme U, Rauner K. Unzureichende Versorgung Osteoporose-assoziierter Frakturen im Krankenhaus – eine retrospektive Datenbankanalyse. DGGÖ-Kongress, Berlin 2016; 13.-15. März
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  • Merseburger AS, Sedding D, Huter K. Kardiovaskuläres Risikopatienten unter Androgenentzugstherapie. Geringeres Risiko mit GnRH-Antagonisten im Vergleich zu LHRH-Agonisten? Der Urologe. Ausg. 2016; 55(2):218-225
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