Medical Liaison

Collaboration with key opinion leaders is of central importance for the pharmaceutical industry and medtech companies. co.medical will help you to form mutually beneficial partnerships. As a result of many years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, we have excellent contacts with key opinion leaders across many indications. We will help you to identify the right key opinion leaders and will bring you together with them.

Effective communication with opinion leaders

When working with industry and opinion leaders, we attach great value to effective exchanges and creation of a win-win situation. This is especially important for advisory board meetings or focus groups; for example, prior to product launch. We will assist you in planning and designing your next event. Upon request, we can completely take over the organization of your event, up to moderation and – if providing medical training – the certification. Take advantage of our first-class experts and speakers for a successful event.

Generating win-win situations through cooperation

Key opinion leaders and industry have common interests, which should always be stressed in the context of cooperation. Key points for physicians are having new therapeutic options available for the treatment of their patients, better use of drugs and increasing the adherence of their patients. These interests coincide with those of the industry. When you collaborate with key opinion leaders, you should focus on these common interests rather than your commercial objectives.

Industry New Therapies Less Adverse Events Increased Effectiveness Improved Compliance New Evidence Physicians

Principles of collaboration: common interests of physicians and industry.

We offer

  • Strategic consulting in KOL management
  • Identification of key opinion leaders / KOL mapping
  • Complete contract management with experts
  • Organisation of advisory board meetings, focus groups or consensus meetings
  • Moderation, preparation of meeting minutes, meeting evaluation
  • Production of publications such as reviews or consensus reports

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