®: Conveying Medicine through Digital Presentations and Web Apps

Understanding medicine and presenting it clearly, that’s exactly what® is. Powerpoint presentations, discussion folders and brochures are yesterday’s tools. You can better convince your sophisticated target medical audience through digital presentations and web apps, especially if your products are complex and require clear explanations. is operational on all tablets under iOS (iPad) Windows or Android operating systems.® has the following advantages:

Totally convincing

  • Visualizes the whole evidence for your product
  • Ideally suited for product presentations
  • Instant access to all relevant data
  • Presentation of pre-prepared scenarios for handling objections
  • Easy to bring up to date with the newest evidence
  • Branded in your Corporate Design

Easy to use

  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • One-click functionality for easy interaction
  • Icon on home screen – just as for native apps

Highly flexible

  • Use it as an elearning tool for your sales representatives
  • Suitable for use on all tablets and desktop computers
  • Responsive design
  • Available in different languages for easy adaptation in different countries


  • No registration in App Store or Play Store is necessary, as® is a web app
  • Also available offline
  • Your data remains on your server

This is how® works

You provide us with material, e.g. brochures or PowerPoint presentations

Together with you we determine the desired functions

We create your web app rapidly and simply

You convince medical professionals or patients

Get started with®®

Sales representatives who have worked with® are excited about its potential.