Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs department has a central task in a pharmaceutical company or a medtech company: to generate knowledge about products that are just about to be approved or are already being marketed, and to pass on this knowledge both internally to emplyoees and externally to opinion leaders and customers. We will gladly support you in this task, e.g. with detailed reports covering medical and scientific issues, literature searches or study summaries.

Heightened requirements regarding compliance and conformity with codices put ever-increasing demands on claims and statements with respect to their medical accuracy and scientific verifiability. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have an agency partner with an outstanding medical-scientific expertise that you can fully rely on.


During the pre-launch phase, it is important to create a positive expectation around a new product. This includes close cooperation with opinion leaders and the development of a publication strategy, which ensures that important data are published in a timely manner. In addition, internal colleagues must be trained. Medical Affairs is also frequently involved in the development of benefit dossiers. Let us help you effectively with these various tasks.

Our offer for the pre-launch phase

  • Development of a publication strategy
  • Creation of training materials
  • Collaboration in the preparation of AMNOG benefit dossiers


The most important goal in the launch phase is to make sure that the target audience is absolutely clear about how your product is used and how important it is in patient care. In order to achieve this, new data are constantly being presented at congresses and questions of physicians regarding the product have to be answered.

Our offer for the launch

  • Development of slide decks for congresses
  • Logging of advisory boards
  • Product training


In the post-launch phase, your product penetrates the market. New users will have new questions about the product, which must be answered promptly. User reports or even patient problems regarding the administration of the product must be responded to appropriately. In the post-launch phase, pivotal studies are typically also published as well as the first non-interventional studies.

Our post-launch phase offer

  • Publication of non-interventional studies and reviews
  • Answering medical-scientific questions
  • Literature searches

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