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We are an agency that provides high-quality medical and scientific expertise for pharmaceutical and life science companies. Whenever deep product understanding matters, we are the perfect service provider for writing medical papers as well as creating slide decks, learning modules or digital media. We are also happy to bundle our expertise for the successful launch of your product.

Medical Writing, Medical Education, Medical Affairs, Medical Liason and Medical Graphics

The five units of our Berlin-based agency represent specialization and expertise in medical communications and medical marketing.

Medical Writing

Regardless of the context for which you require a medical text, the facts and arguments have to be convincing, and this is where we come in. Specialized medical knowledge combined with linguistic competence and a perfect grasp of communication goals are the essence of the quality of our work. Additionally, they are the foundation of our versatility as copywriters for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Medical Education

Medical education when used as a tool in medical marketing has the advantage of conveying brand image while also providing an additional benefit: the medical education of your target audience. Our wide range of continuing education courses today provides relevant up-to-date content which simultaneously elicits an emotional response. The result: brand messages will be anchored in your audience’s memory and can change their attitude towards your product in a positive way.

Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs department has a central task in a pharmaceutical company or a medtech company: to generate knowledge about products that are just about to be approved or are already being marketed, and to pass on this knowledge both internally to emplyoees and externally to opinion leaders and customers. We will gladly support you in this task, e.g. with detailed reports covering medical and scientific issues, literature searches or study summaries.

Medical Liaison

Collaboration with key opinion leaders is of central importance for the pharmaceutical industry and medtech companies. co.medical will help you to form mutually beneficial partnerships. As a result of many years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, we have excellent contacts with key opinion leaders across many indications. We will help you to identify the right key opinion leaders and will bring you together with them.

Medical Graphics

co.medical is the expert for attractive media to convince healthcare professionals and patients. With medical and design expertise, we illustrate complicated content and make your product’s advantages tangible. For us, getting it right at the first attempt is just as important as creativity – so you can get your material out to the public as soon as possible.


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