Motivation And Performance

More evidence, science, and factual orientation for your medical communication: This has been our motivation since co.medical was founded in 2010, resulting in ever-increasing numbers of market-leading companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries partnering with us.


co.medical comprises a multi-professional team of dedicated medical professionals, scientists, communications experts, and medical graphic designers. As former employees of pharmaceutical and medical device companies we know exactly what challenges our customers face in product management, medical affairs, and marketing. This experience makes us a competent partner for your product.

Through numerous projects in important indications such as oncology, neurology, rheumatology, cardiovascular disease, etc., we personally know many key opinion leaders – this facilitates cooperation and provides numerous benefits for our customers. After each project, we evaluate customer satisfaction. The result is a recommendation rate of almost 100 percent and a steadily growing customer base.


Dr. Marc Esser

Dr. Marc Esser, MD

Dr. Juliane Schreier

Dr. Juliane Schreier
Senior Medical Writer

Dr. Stefan Lang

Dr. Stefan Lang
Senior Medical Writer

Melody Watson

Melody Watson, B.Sc.
Senior Medical Writer

Alexander Boreham

Dr. Alexander Boreham
Senior Medical Writer

 Bastian Thaa

Dr. Bastian Thaa
Senior Medical Writer

 Christiane Ring

Dr. Christiane Ring
Medical Writer

Saskia Krischok, M.Sc.

Saskia Krischok, M.Sc.
Medical Writer

Dr. med. Lisa Schäufele

Dr. Lisa Schäufele, MD
Medical Director

Peter Jungblut

Peter Jungblut
Senior Consultant

Jonas Villmow

Jonas Villmow, B.Sc.
Art Director

Almut Susanne Wilmes

Almut Susanne Wilmes
Public Relations

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